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Healthy Bowls

leaves and pepper
Mexican rice bowls ingredients

Protein Bowls

A choice of protein with optional Mexican Rice or Yakisoba Noodles, paired with fresh veggies or customize your own. It’s delicious and satisfying. Look good and feel energized!

healthy fruit bowl ingredients

Fruit & Oatmeal Bowls

Enjoy a beautiful and healthy fruit & oatmeal bowl for a refreshing breakfast or mid-day snack. Boost your energy with endless nutrient combinations.

*Fruit availability varies by season.


salty molletes homepage

Salty Molletes

Toasted bread topped with ingredients of your choice. A great option for a fulfilling breakfast!

sweet molletes homepage

Sweet Molletes

Our Sweet Molletes makes a tasty quick snack. A variety of options to suit your mood.

Fresh Drinks

orange juice

Orange Juice

Have a sip of our natural and refreshing orange juice! Made with fresh oranges.

hibiscus lemonade drink


Try our refreshing hibiscus or strawberry lemonade. It’s packed with antioxidants and has a perfect blend of flavors.

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